How to grow small business on twitter

It’s 2013 and many small businesses may have experienced a significant drop in ranking. Some believe they will never fully recover and internet marketers are going crazy trying to figure out ways to fix their mistakes.

But if there’s one thing we are all sure about then that is Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there at the moment. It is estimated Twitter users will grow by five million in the U.S. alone, reaching 36.3 million users by the end of 2013 (this sourced by eMarketer). 

So what can small businesses do to improve their SEO with the powerful tool that is Twitter. First of all, the company should look at it’s appearance. It must have a good account name, preferably one that pertains to the company, and it should be short. Account names are incredibly searchable. Almost anything you type into Google will have a Twitter pal to go with it. Say you want to use a small freight company to send of material overseas – you type in their name and they will have a twitter account – it’s guaranteed that will be one of the first things that appears on the first page. So the name is important – it must correlate with the brand name. Your ‘handle’ must also be searchable. (For those who do not know, the handle is like your username and is what comes after It can be changed at all times but it’s important to keep it the same so as not to cause any confusion. Always have your website’s URL on your profile. 

The second thing you must do is optimise your bio and make sure you have good photos. It’s a good idea to put hashtags into your bio, so for example, if you are a freight company use something like #freight or #transport. Search engines use Twitter bios constantly. Use as many keywords as possible – but also try to make it an entertaining bio. Bio’s are important – it is usually the deciding point on whether someone wants to follow you or not.

Of course, it is important to make sure everyone knows you have a Twitter account. This means advertising it on all platforms, including in the signature of your emails, having a twitter icon on your website, on all your blogs and so on. You get the picture.

You must also make sure you follow the right people – there is no need to follow spammers and bride-seller professionals. If you follow the right people the right people will follow you.

The last but not least most important thing you should consider is what you are tweeting. Try to keep everything industry-related but also light-hearted and interesting. Also, try to add as much multi-media to your tweets, people love photos and videos. Re-tweet to get re-tweets, tweet regularly, try to involve yourself in conversations with other fellow like minded individuals and READ your feed. Very often people will not read their newsfeed – it’s important to know what goes on there. Understand your followers – get to know them -figure out what interests them. Another important tip is to make sure you keep your tweets short – this makes them retweetable. Re-tweets are obviously top priority if you want to reach new audiences. The golden rule is to never forget to use URL shorteners such as – sticking a huge link into your tweet makes you look hugely unprofessional – I suggest because it provides a good analytics tool which you can make use of when trying to analyse your stats and clicks.

Lastly, you must multi-task. What I’ve done is I’ve opened up two twitter accounts – one that is directly related to the company – with a company logo and a company bio. I’ve also created a separate personal account which includes my company’s URL. That way I can have twice as many followers and spread my content faster and quicker. It may sound a bit too time-consuming for small companies but it’s totally worth the time. I promise, if you tweet right, people will respond. For more tips on Twitter email Ronny Lee  at or follow me on twitter @RonnyRod1